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Address: Belarus 225306, Kobrin, Sowetskaja str. 79
Fax: +375 (1642) 2-29-39, 2-91-82
Director: Kulik Alexander Antonowich Tel.: 2-20-50

The state forestry administration "Kobrinskij experimental forestry enterprise” was established in 1939. In 2000 it was assigned the status of experimental forestry enterprise. Nowadays the state forestry administration "Kobrinskij experimental forestry enterprise” consists of ten organization departments:

  • Bolotskoje forestry
  • Verholesskoje forestry
  • Divinskoje experimental manufacturing forestry
  • Zaprudskoe forestry
  • Zasimovskoje forestry
  • Petrovichskoje forestry
  • Povitjevskoje forestry
  • Divinskij milling shop
  • Zasimovskij institutional  forest nursery
  • Master logging department

The state forestry administration “Kobrinskij experimental forestry enterprise” of Brest state manufacturing forestry organization is situated in the south-west part of Brest region on the territory of Zabinskij (16%), Kobrinskij (84%) administrative districts. The territory of forestry stretches up to 60 km from north to south and up to 70 km from east to west. 
The total area makes 72699 ha on 01.01.2013, including territories covered with forest 62664 ha.
According to forest zoning the territory of the forestry administration is situated in hornbeam-wood subzone (broadleaf pine forest). The forestry administration is in temperate zone of Atlantic-continental region. The average annual temperature is + 3°С, average annual precipitation is — 569 mm. The vegetative season lasts 190-200 days. Natural and climatic conditions are quite favorable for coniferous, soft-wooded broadleaf and hard-wooded broad-leaved species. The relief of forestry administration location is plain. Soils have a wide range of humidity from dry and fresh to humid and damp.

The territory of the forestry administration possesses a well developed chain of rivers and streams related to the Baltic basin. The biggest artery on the territory of the forest administration is river Muchavez the right tributary of the river West Bug.

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