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The total area of the forest land of the state forestry administration "Kobrinskij forestry enterprise” of the Brest state industrial forestry association of the Ministry of Forestryof the Republic of Belarus is 72634 hectares,it is situated on thе territory of Zhabinkovsky and Kobrinsky administrative areas.


It is conventional that wood resources and lands connected with them should be so managed in order  to satisfy social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of the present and future generations. Besides, in process of conciousness of threat of degradation and destruction of woods by society, consumers wanted to have a guarantee that, buying products of a wood complex, they don't harm or destroy woods, if anything contribute to wood resources preservation for the future. In reply to these requirements at the market programs of certification and self-certification of wood products began to appear. The wood board of guardians, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the international organization which will accredit certification authorities by guaranteeing in such a manner that certification procedure will correspond to its requirements. Purpose of FSC is to  support  ecologically responsible, socially favourable and economically viable management of world woods by working out the conventional, credible standards of  woods care. Wood certification is one of actual directions of active influence on wood management quality. At forest management in Belarus economic, ecological and social aspects of branch development should be considered. Working plan, developed and realized in the RB contains guiding principles and the criteria corresponding to theses of the international systems of certification. Many managers of the wood enterprises don't wish any more to create a situation at which there is a risk of aggravation of degradation process or destruction of woods.On the contrary, they support sustainability of wood resources. A number of large consumers of forest products in ecologically sensitive markets of Europe and the North America began to demand a confirmation that the products they buy, are made by means of  inexhaustible for wood ecosystems method. In reply to growing interest the World fund of the wild nature has based the World tradenet of  the Certificated Forest products (GFTN). This organization is engaged in adjustment of partner relations between the non-governmental organizations and the companies for the purpose of improvement of quality of forest managment all over the world. GFTN considers independent certification of systems of  forest managment, taking into account the interests of all interested parties, the basic tool of new policy. To this mechanism of control- certifications - the considerable part of the forest products intended for international trade will be exposed in the long term. The document, that gives an entry to such market, became  the certificate of the international sample which has been given out by the independent company - the auditor, accredited by the international authority of wood certification. Certification is carried out by a specially accredited Wood Board of guardians (FSC).

On the 16 of October  2009 the timber enterprise received the FSC-certificate for system of forest managment and forest use, a chain of products deliveries(group certification). Certificate presence confirms that the wood territories of timber enterprise are a  well operated source of wood products, the practice of forest management adheres to strict nature protection, socioul and economical standards according to principles and criteria of SGS. Timber enterprise activity is a constant improvement  of forest management, assistance to the fullest and the most effective utilization of natural resources, increase in a biodiversity of woods.

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